Our services

We have extensive experience and understands the needs of our customers. This is achieved by providing reliable and cost effective service. We provide clients with information and products, and our efficient logistics and good delivery routines do you normally have your products within 24 hours after you place your order.

Each customer has in its field, very knowledgeable salesman whose responsibility it is to provide the customer with information and dealing with his orders. Information on releases made ​​in a newsletter once a week on our website and through the Personal Sales Representative. A big advantage to you as a customer is that we are an independent wholesaler, which means that you are with us you can get a neutral view on the products.

Juli@ – All you need when placeing orders

All you need is a computer with internet access. Juli @ is Next Stop Distribution’s online order management system. The system is fully integrated with orders, inventory, logistics management and billing. A so-called B2B system for all our customers. Our customers can place orders via Internet, fax or phone. The most practical way to place orders is via the “Julia”, our specially designed Internet application. In “Julia”, you can select products directly from our database of about 400 000 titles and add orders around the clock. It also shows whether the product is in stock and if not, how long delivery time.

Additionally, you can here an overview of all your previous invoices, orders, back orders and the proceeds received. To use the “Julia” requires a password that you receive from your vendors. Apart from July @ makes it easy for you to put your orders, it is also a great search tool for those looking for products. There are lots of different search options.

You can select your music, movie or game, depending on your specific requirements. From this search quickly and easily from artists, titles, companies, formats, release date and so on. We have just launched some new search features just in time for summer.

You also get our newsletter with the latest news, promotions and more. You’ll be just a few clicks away from having all the information you need to make your purchases before you round the clock. Please contact your sales representative at Next Stop Distribution for further information.

Benefits of using juli@

  • Place your orders whenever you want, regardless of hours
  • Change and add items to your order
  • Clear overview of all your order history and invoices
  • You will automatically receive your prize, with the correct discount rates, except for occasional promotions with price activity
  • Access to shipment information
  • To get information about stock levels and delivery per specific product
  • You can search through the 100,000’s music, media and entertainment products available in the Next Stop database
  • Access to the release date and information about what products are deleted
  • All information is printable

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