Welcome to Next Stop

We are Scandinavia’s leading wholesaler of home entertainment!

The company was founded in 1986 and the group currently includes, in addition to the wholesale business, retail chain Megastore and the record company Goldhead Music.

The company is headquartered in Bromma, Stockholm.

Next Stop is a total supplier of products in music, film and games. In addition to the activities of traditional distribution, we also offer a range of services for e-commerce customers. After 26 years in business and as Scandinavia’s largest distributor of home entertainment, we have created an unbeatable combination of a wide range of products, low prices and good service.

We welcome you as our customer!

As a new customer with us, you are always 10% off your first order ... Click here to fill out a customer application.

Our customers are found in three different areas


The¬†customer are traditional independent retailers who sell one or more of the types of products we provide. Our customers use us either as main contractor or as an additional supplier. Customers who use us as a principal supplier may be a “partner” status with us.

Our desire is to establish a long term relationship with our customers. We also encourage our customers to place orders as often as possible, preferably daily, to keep the flow of goods at a reasonable level. For the same reason we would also want to deliver products to our clients at least once a week.

Our retailer customers receive discounts on our list prices based on the volume of their annual purchases. For new customers, we make an investigation to clarify the correct discount rate to start.


Wholesalers and retail chains are different from the dealers in that they usually operate with fewer titles and larger quantities. Discounts are based on total purchase volume and / or volume of an individual order. Since the specific needs vary from chain stores, we want to make a survey of these and then submit a proposal on a purchasing agreement.


Our e-commerce customers are licensees of Next Stop product database and/or using our logistics services.
For more information on how we can help your E-store to grow, please contact us.